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There are really only 2 reasons that you could want to get Twitter followers without following back and one of them is that you don’t want your feed filled up with 100 tweets a second. that’s fair enough if your really trying to engage with people but it’s not going to make getting followers very easy.

There are so many websites out there now telling you who followed you or does not follow you back that it’s simply too easy to unfollow people who won’t follow you. after all who wants to listen to someone who won’t listen to them.

the only way that you can really pull It off is by either already being famous or by tweeting some incredible tweets. funny etc.

The other reason to not want to follow back is because you look really good when you have 100000 followers and you only follow 5 people. it’s like a status thing.

either way if you want to get tons of followers without following back then do this.

Follow 200 people per day
for 10 days til you get to the 2000 limit.

Amount Of Followers
Enter Your Twitter @Name Here

Then sign up an account at social oomph and delete all your friends. that’s going to give you 800 followers and no following.

within that same month add your name to This list. and This list. that’s another few hundred more.

Next go to Traffup and get a free account. link it to Twitter and Retweet for points. offer 50 points for a follow and keep checking back so you don’t run out of points. That’s 1000 more followers.

Finally for 3000 more followers without following back you can link to this site plus then email and include the link to the page with the links and also the words 3000 followers. plus your Twitter @name.

So there you go. 5000 free Twitter followers without following back :-)

Please tweet. like and comment. Thanks.

Amount Of Followers
Enter Your Twitter @Name Here

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