5 Simple Steps To 200 Percent Click Through Rate Increase On Your Tweets

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If you are using twitter as a traffic tool as most people are then one of the most important things is getting people to click on the links in your tweets.

There are a few things that you can do to achieve this. None of them are difficult. The first thing to understand is that people use twitter mostly during office hours, so you need to know when the office hours are in your target country and tweet during those times.

The second thing to do is to make your tweet stand out from the rest. The first way to do this is by having a very eye catching profile picture. This can be anything from a very nice bright picture of your self to a picture of a nice lady. You can find images that you can use for profile pictures on google by changing the search settings to only show images that are labled for re use.

The third thing to do to draw attention to your tweet is to write it IN CAPITAL LETTERS. IT WILL STAND OUT OVER THE REST meaning that it actually gets seen more and clicked more.

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The fourth thing is to have the name of the twitter account and the @name very closely related to the type of tweets that you are making. This will give the impression that you are dedicated to your market and make it seem more likely that the link you are promotion in your tweet will be as good at the tweet says it will.

The final thing and just as important as the rest is to make the tweet its self so interesting to your target audience that the can not NOT click on the link.

Here are a few examples of tweets that will get clicked the most.




All of these tweets give exact insight into what the person will get if they click on the link. If its something that they are interested in and they actually get to see the tweet because its in capital letters next to a nice bright picture then they will click it.

Follow the simple steps on this page and you will increase your click through rate by 200% over night.

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