How To Get Followers On Twitter Without Following Back

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Ever since I started using twitter it always bothered me that I always had a higher following count than follower count. I needed to know How To Get Followers On Twitter Without Following Back, I soon discovered that there wore quite a few ways of doing it. Some more effective than others. I`m about to tell you all of the ways that don`t cost anything.

When you follow people in the hope that they will follow you back you will on average get a 3 in ten follow back ratio, so if you follow 100 people then you get 30 followers. If you stop following all of them then 10 of them on average will unfollow you, That means that 20 will still follow you. So the first and most simple method How To Get Followers On Twitter Without Following Back is just that. unfollow everyone after 3 days and then start your following again with different people. That is a long and slow method.

A faster way that I know How To Get Followers On Twitter Without Following Back

This is a lovely trick that makes a viral effect. Ill start simple and build up. The plan here is to offer something for free that people will get if they follow you. that is step one. step two is to get the person to tweet a link to the webpage where you are offering something in return for  follow. The secret here is to not advertise the fact that you are offering bribes for a follow. You must sell this as if you are giving something away and you want more people to get the benefit of it, for more people to get the benefit of it people must share.

The follow part of his system is so inconspicuous that it goes unnoticed. so what you end up with is people following you and telling all of their followers to follow you without even understanding whats going on.

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For this method to work you need some tools, you need some free things to offer and a script that will deliver the free things only after a tweet and a follow. Your lucky at the minute because I have set up a demonstration of this system that you can look at and experience. Simply look at this Give Bonus To get Followers page and go with it, You will soon see how powerful the system is and you will also get free full access to the software and the free products to give away that you need. You will also get full setup instructions.

How To Get Followers On Twitter Without Following Back Using Multiple Accounts

This is a very strong method and it gives you great assets when you are done but it takes time to set up if you do it manually. The best way to do it is to set up multiple accounts on twitter and then auto follow and unfollow using this softwareand use the same software to tweet on multiple accounts asking people to follow your master account.

Your master account is going to be the one that gets Followers On Twitter Without Following Back and is going to be the one that you will have to look after. Make the tweets on this account targeted and interesting. really interact using this account. when you get retweeted you should get into conversation, make people like you and want to hear you.

Now you know How To Get Followers On Twitter Without Following Back its about time you started. Use these methods, they work when you do them properly and take care of your actions.

Now I want to suggest something to you. What are you going to do with these followers. I suggest that you get them to subscribe to your newsletter. If you don’t have a newsletter then keep reading.

I have put together a full step by step system including absolutely everything that you need to get subscribers and even make sales before you send your first email.

If your up for a bit of effort that is focused in the right direction then put some effort into This

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One thought on “How To Get Followers On Twitter Without Following Back

  1. First off great post super helpful and informative. I think all of the techniques you have said needs to always be used. But one you didn’t talk about is all of these exchange sites, where members do a like me i like you type thing… most people will say why waste the time to get worthless likes and followers but i have to say it really helps me out when i first start a new fan page or twitter account. So say you start a new fan page it says you have 0 likes i think this is bad because some people think of you less if you only have 1 or 2 likes…. So i must say using a site like this is very helpful in the beginning. There are 100s of sites that offer this the one i use is I only use it to get that first 1000 likes or followers than i turn it off and start doing some of the techniques you spoke about. Well thanks again for the great post and hopefully you can check out more into what im saying and post a informative blog about it.

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