How to Get 100 Plus Retweets

Here is a lovely simple and almost instant way to get retweeted over 100 times for free. If you make the tweet something like ” ReTweet if you get more followers by following me” then you will also get buckets full of free followers as well. I`m going to put this down in simple steps.

Step 1

Register at this traffic exchange website Completely free never a charge.

Step 2

Confirm your email address to get your first 100 points

Step 3

Link your twitter account

Step 4

Create a retweet that will read something to the effect of “ReTweet if you get more followers by following me” and set the retweet point payment to 50.

Step 5

Follow 40 accounts on the site worth 50 points each and retweet 40 retweets worth 50 points each. That will give you 4100 points and get you 82 retweets.

Step 6

Sit back, watch the retweets come flying in and watch the followers grow.

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