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If you are looking for ways to get twitter followers free then you are in the right place. In fact you will wish you found this site years ago. There are many ways to achieve this goal but here we will only list the first few ways to get twitter followers free because going into too many methods at once often confuses the issue and can become counter productive.

Method 1 – Get Twitter Followers Free By Follow Back

The first “now second” and most obvious way to get twitter followers for free is by simply following people in hope that they will follow you back. This does work very well but it is a very slow and long process. Following people that have already got a huge following will not result in a follow back. A way to maximize the percentage of follow backs that you get is to simply follow people on a follow back list. Only follow the accounts that have got less than 1500 followers and they will most likely follow you back. Here is a free  FOLLOW BACK LIST.Get Twitter Followers Free

The second thing that you can do to get twitter followers free is to actually add your name to a follow back list. This means that when people view the list and follow people on it they will be following you, so you get two bite of the cherry with the same method. Click On The Link To Join The FOLLOW BACK LIST.

You can also automate the task of following and unfollowing non followers very easily by running your own twitter bots with this  Twitter Followers Service  or This  Twitter Followers Software.  Both of these methods will also allow you to automatically select people to follow by keyword. Plus they have auto tweet and many more features. Check them out when you have time.

Method 2 – Give Away To Get Twitter Followers For Free.

This method is a very nifty trick that I like to use. Its very clever and very simple, It has viral potential and really works well. The basic idea with this method is that you get an ebook or a software that is going to be appealing to the interests of the people that you would like to follow you. You then set up a simple web page that has an image of the product and an exciting description making people want it.

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In order for people to get the download they must follow you and tweet the link of the webpage to their own followers. This can be done very simply using an easy to setup wordpress blog and a free plugin.You then take the link of your webpage and tweet it a few times with a nice little tweet that reads something to the effect of “How to Get X in Less Than X days LINKHERE”. People will then click the link, Want The Free Product. Tweet your link And Follow You, Then Download After the tweet.  Their followers will see the tweet and click the link, come to the same page, want it and share to their followers. Everyone that downloads has to tweet and follow you. Perfect.

I have made a detailed setup guide for you to follow. You can view it by visiting  this page. There is a live demo of the system in action, you will actually have to fully experience the system to appreciate its power. There are also 20 Free Download ebooks on the page that you can download and use yourself as give away products in return for a tweet and follow. Everything that you need is located  here.

Method 3 – Be Followable

Get free twitter followers by being followable? What does that mean? It means that its a social network and being social is going to get you more followers than you would imagine. Get interactive. Answer tweets, say interesting things, Retweet things that you like. Have an interesting profile image. Share your twitter profile on facebook and any other social network that you are part of.

By simply retweeting someone they are going to take notice of you, they are going to retweet you and all of their followers will see your tweet and like it. they may even follow you as well.

When you read articles on other websites and there is a tweet button, click on it. Being interactive is going to get more people to see your profile and increase the amount of people that have the opportunity to follow you.

Paid Method – Get Twitter Followers With Twitter Bots

There are a couple of good twitter marketing software options that you can look at. They have free trials for a week that you can take advantage of to use the auto follow and auto tweet functions. You could Ideally set up the Method 2 that we just covered and then use a  twitter bot to automatically tweet the link to your share page. You can set the bot to tweet a different tweet with the same link as many times as you like. up to once every 20 minutes. This will drive your followers to your share page and get them to share that page with their followers causing a viral effect on auto pilot. Its worth spending $ to get the full auto follow features unlocked but you can also get a free auto follow trial with this software and really set your following on fire.

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